- OmniPartialViewContext

Available since OmniFaces 1.2

This OmniFaces partial view context extends and improves the standard partial view context as follows:

  • Support for executing callback scripts by PartialResponseWriter.startEval().
  • Support for adding arguments to an ajax response.
  • Any XML tags which Mojarra and MyFaces has left open after an exception in rendering of an already committed ajax response, will now be properly closed. This prevents errors about malformed XML.
  • Fixes the no-feedback problem when a ViewExpiredException occurs during an ajax request on a page which is restricted by web.xml <security-constraint>. The enduser will now properly be redirected to the login page instead of retrieving an ajax response with only a changed view state (and effectively thus no visual feedback at all).
You can use the Ajax utility class to easily add callback scripts and arguments.

This partial view context is already registered by OmniFaces' own faces-config.xml and thus gets auto-initialized when the OmniFaces JAR is bundled in a web application, so end-users do not need to register this partial view context explicitly themselves.