Available since OmniFaces 1.0

Collection of general utility methods with respect to working with exceptions. So far there's only an unwrapper and a type checker.


Here are some examples:

// Check if the caught exception has a ConstraintViolationException in its hierarchy.
catch (PersistenceException e) {
    if (Exceptions.is(e, ConstraintViolationException.class)) {
        // ...
// Unwrap the caught FacesException until a non-FacesException is found.
catch (FacesException e) {
    Exception realRootCause = Exceptions.unwrap(e, FacesException.class);
    // ...

For a full list, check the method summary.

Feature request

If you know more useful methods/functions which you think should be added to this OmniFaces utility class so that everyone can benefit from a "standard" Faces utility library, feel free to post a feature request.

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