Available since OmniFaces 1.8

The FacesMessageExceptionHandler will add every exception as a global FATAL faces message.


This handler must be registered by a factory as follows in faces-config.xml in order to get it to run:



It's your own responsibility to make sure that the faces messages are being shown. Make sure that there's a <h:messages> or any equivalent component (OmniFaces, PrimeFaces, etc) is present in the view and that it can handle global messages and that it's explicitly or automatically updated in case of ajax requests. Also make sure that you don't have bugs in rendering of your views. This exception handler is not capable of handling exceptions during render response. It will fail silently.

Customizing FacesMessageExceptionHandler

If more fine grained control of creating the FATAL faces message is desired, then the developer can opt to extend this FacesMessageExceptionHandler and override the following method:


Unfortunately, this showcase application has already a FullAjaxExceptionHandler configured and therefore it's not possible to demo another exception handler.